Niclon® Calcium Hypochlorite

Niclon, a brand of calcium hypochlorite (Ca(ClO)2) is used around the world in keeping everyday modern life clean. 

Disinfecting and sanitizing are achieved by dissolving calcium hypochlorite in water to produce a chlorine solution.

Niclon is one of our finest achievements with high stability, easy application, and dependable quality at an economical price. These characteristics make Niclon a leading choice for all your disinfecting, sanitizing, and bleaching needs.

Product Name: Niclon®
Generic Name: Calcium Hypochlorite
Chemical Formula / Diagram: Ca(ClO)2nH2O
Product Overview: Niclon is typically used for sterilizing and disinfecting swimming pools and drinking water, and is also used in sewage treatment systems
Typical Grades / Properties: 
  Active Chlorine Content  Grade  Form  Comments 
Niclon 70  70%  70G  Granules   
70T  Tablets (20 grams)  
70B  Tablets (200 grams)  
Niclon 7000  70%    Pellets  Particle size aligned.
Quick dissolution.
After extrusion granulation, corners are smoothed resulting in low dusting. 
Not all of the above brands/grades are available at all Tosoh companies. Please contact us to learn about the availability of specific brands and grades.