Product Availability

Due to supply, local regulating bodies and other limitations, not all products series and grades are available at all Tosoh global locations.

Please inquire on product specifications and availability by contacting us.

Ethyleneamines are water soluble and slightly viscous liquids with ammoniacal odor and chemical reactivities. These chemical reactivities are dependent upon primary and secondary amino groups. 

The most internationally sold chemicals among Tosoh products. Tosoh's continuous development and improvement of the EDC process has led to outstanding product quality and reliability. Our technology has proven to be truly competitive in many fields for extremely diversified applications.

Tosoh has manufactured ethyleneamines since 1967. Commercially, ethyleneamines are produced from ethylenedichloride (EDC), ammonia and caustic soda. Tosoh is the largest domestic producer of caustic soda and ethylenedichloride (EDC), and therefore the company is a leading supplier of ethyleneamines with a strong position in the Asian region. Tosoh is able to produce a complete range of ethyleneamines:

Products Offered   
Product CAS Number
Ethylenediamine  107-15-3 
Diethylenetriamine  111-40-0 
Triethylenetetramine  90640-67-8 
Tetraethylenepentamine  90640-66-7 
Pentaethylenehexamine  4067-16-7 
Heavy Amine Mixtures  Various 
N-Aminoethylpiperazine  140-31-8 
Application Fields   
Bitumen Chemicals Mineral Processing Aids
Bleach Activators Pharmaceuticals
Catalysts Phosphonates
Chelating Agents Plastic Lubricants
Corrosion Inhibitors
Polyamide Resins
Epoxy Curing Agents  Rubber Vulcanising
Lube Oil and Fuel Additives  

Usage of ethyleneamines is present in several aspects of our everyday life. They are used in diverse applications, among others, in the agricultural, pharmaceutical, plastics, paper and paint industries. For more information on Tosoh's ethyleneamines, please visit the ethyleneamines section in our Tosoh corporate website.