Fabricated Quartzware

Collective effort in providing superior quartzware

Tosoh Quartz, consisting of Tosoh Corporation, Tosoh Quartz Corporation (Japan), Tosoh Quartz Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), and Tosoh Quartz, Inc. (USA), and Tosoh SGM Corporation (Japan) has brought the art of quartz glassblowing to a new industrial and technological level. Leading technology, stringent quality control and engineering support, which all ultimately contribute towards improving our customers' bottom line, are just some of characteristics which make Tosoh Quartz unique. 

Applications include but are not limited to:

  • Semiconductor - Horizontal and vertical boats, outer and inner tubes, bell jars, photomask substrates, tanks, fins, flanges, and others.
  • Optical - LCD substrates, spectrophotometer cells, prisms, lenses and others.