Toluene Diisocyanate

Coronate® T series
TDI has two kinds of isomers, 2,4-TDI and 2,6-TDI. Various products can be produced depending on the mixing ratio of these two kinds of isomers.
  Coronate T-80
  Coronate T-80 consits of 2,4-TDI and 2,6-TDI with a ratio of 80% and 20% respectively. Flexible foam used in mattress and cushion applications can be produced by reacting Coronate T-80 and polyether polyols. In addition, it is also widely accepted as a raw material for elastomers, coatings, adhesives, and sealing applications.
  Coronate T-100
  Coronate T-100 consists of 2,4-TDI, which is mainly accepted as a raw material for elastomers and coatings applications.

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